Upholstery Spray - Cepano^

Upholstery Spray - Cepano^


Attirecare’s upholstery mist spray has been specially designed to neutralise odours and eliminate bad smelling bacteria from the surface area of the materials being treated. 

With scents derived from fresh Amber & Fig fragrances, alongside selected antibacterial agents, the Upholstery Spray kills bacteria and prevents bad smells coming back.

Can be used on all types of upholstery or furniture. Perfect for in-between-washing refreshers of bedding and other types of materials around your home.

Beautifully scented with our signature Cepano^ scent, inspired by the Votata Fig & Amber Ales that are native of the Italian West Coast.


1. Shake well before use.

2. Spray directly onto the fabric that is to be treated.

3. Leave 5 minutes to dry.

NOTES ON THE SCENT: Warm, Homely, Sweet & Woody.

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