the ultimate shoe care kit

the ultimate shoe care kit


Keep your treasured footwear box fresh with The Ultimate Shoe Care Kit, containing everything you need to protect and restore shoes to mint condition.

This complete shoe care collection offers a solution in every situation, from protection on the first day of purchase, to cleaner and deodoriser along with the accompanying tools. Attirecare's water-based, all-natural solutions are safe to use on all materials including leather, vinyl, cloth, suede, canvas and nubuck, leaving all well-loved shoes – from your favourite suede trainers to smart leather loafers – almost as good as new.


Included in each box:


1 x The Shoe Protector 250ml

1 x Shoe Cleaning Solution 250ml

1 x Shoe Deodoriser 250ml

1 x AC Soft Hog Hair Bristle Brush

1 x Premium Cleaning Towel

1 x How-To Card


Everything you need to keep your shoes exactly how you love them. All products are uniquely designed to be used on all kinds of footwear. Complete with our AC premium brush and cleaning towel which can be used to help assist you in the cleaning process. 


Directions for use of the Shoe Cleaning Solution:

Simply apply a small amount of the solution onto your AC Shoe Brush. Dip the brush into a bowl of clean, lukewarm water. Start to scrub and clean shoes in a circular motion, creating a foam all over. Wipe excess from the area being cleaned with a clean cloth. Repeat steps if necessary.


Directions for use of the Shoe Deodoriser Spray:

Spray onto the area you wish to treat from around 6cm away. Leave to dry completely before wearing.


Directions for use of The Protector Spray:

The material should be clean and dry prior to application. Hold the bottle upright 6" to 8" form the area being treated, spray evenly covering the entire area of the shoe. DO not over-saturate. Use a cloth to soak up any excess solution.

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