Ink Stain Remover Balm

Ink Stain Remover Balm


Have you ever dropped your biro directly onto your leather shoes or couch by mistake? We understand how annoying this can be, that one dot that you can never quite get rid of!

We are proud to say that now you can with our specially formulated ink stain removal balm, made with a unique blend of wax and resin specially designed to tackle ink deposit on leather items, whilst not affecting the natural pigmentation of the leather being treated. Both easy to carry and use, this balm is designed to help you avoid those clumsy moments. 


1. Apply directly onto the area that is to be treated and cleaned. 

2. Gently rub into the stain.

3. Leave for 2 minutes to allow the formula to start to work its way into the stain.

4.  Wipe away any residues 


Please note that this product is suitable for all leather types apart from coated or aniline leather. 

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