Home cleaning set

Home cleaning set


This handy set is complete with the Cepano^ Direct to Floor Cleaner designed to be used on all flooring across your home. The set also includes a Clean Home spray which can be used for a deeper cleaning process of all surfaces around your home whether it’s in the kitchen or the bathroom, ensuring all areas of the home are kept fresh and bacteria free.


Ready to use, superior blended Clean Home and Direct to Floor Cleaner, both products are made up of organic ingredients offering a deeper cleansing and conditioning process of all flooring and surfaces within the household. This pack will ensure all dirt and grime has been broken down, with the brands high spec formulations which are both eco-friendly and biodegradable, breaking down surface molecule attention faster making for easy and more efficient home cleaning.

Once the cleaning is done your home will be left with the rich scent of the votata fig, and amber ales of the Italian west coast.

Complete with the brands iconic dust bag ensuring products are kept fresh and can be easily stored away in the household.

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