We pride ourselves on being a company where all of our products are made and manufactured within the United Kingdom. We like to keep our production close to home right where we can keep an eye on it, selling only products which we have confidence in, and more importantly, we would use ourselves.  

All of our products are trialled and tested with our trusted supplier. We, as a team, are also very hands-on when it comes to production, working with our skilled chemists to keep consistency throughout all of our formulas and stay on top of the game. Always innovating, looking to introduce new and exciting products to the market, with the promise to prolong the life of your clothing and footwear. 

- All of our packaging is fully recyclable.


Small batch production is another quality we like to keep throughout our production process. If you have made an order you can be sure it's been managed and packed with care, from the moment it is boxed until it gets delivered to your door. By having our factory on our doorstep these promises can be kept and constantly improved. We would like our products to become a part of everyday essentials in which an individual uses. 

- Handmade in the United Kingdom.

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