Denim Aftercare Kit

Denim Aftercare Kit


Attirecare's Denim Aftercare Kit comes complete with both our innovative Lime & Coconut Rind Denim Spray which is designed to keep all denim products fresh for longer in-between washes whilst removing unpleasant odours and killing bacteria. The kit also includes Attirecare's all natural Denim Wash and a premium dust bag to ensure all of your products stay fresh and effective for longer.  


Denim Spray:


Attirecare's Denim Spray has been specially designed to be used on denim products. Designed to eliminate bad smelling odours whilst at the same time kill any bad bacteria that naturally builds up in the cotton fibres throughout the day.

As many people do not know denim products should not be washed that often, if at all. Attirecare's high spec formulation has been designed specifically for denim products with selected antibacterial agents, this is the perfect product to refresh your denim on the go, giving you an alternative to washing.

Perfectly balanced with Fresh Lime & Coconut Rind fragrances derived from natural oils. 


To use: 


1. Spray evenly onto the denim that is to be treated before or after wearing. 

2. Leave until completely dry. 

3. Proceed to wear.


Denim Wash:


Formulated with selected detergent agents designed to not eat away at any cotton fibres, ensuring that a naturally worn-in look is kept on all denim pieces. Antibacterial agents are also included within the formula, ensuring any dirt, bacteria or grime naturally built up throughout the day is eliminated.


Directions for hand wash:

1. Fill a sink full of cold water.

2. Turn your jeans inside out before exposing to water.

3. Leave jeans to soak for at least 45 minutes.

4. Rinse with cold water until all denim wash has gone.

5. Hang to air dry.  


Directions for machine wash:

1. Turn jeans inside out.

2. Use 2 caps full of Ac’s denim wash.

3. Set to delicate wash.

4. Hang to air dry. 


  • Leave at least 7 days between washes.

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