- Occam London Feature June 2019 - www.occam.london

Occam is an aesthetically clean lifestyle brand for Sighthounds. We focus on simplicity, functionality and technology. Everything is designed, cut and sewn in our London studio. 

“In our home Seymour enjoys long slumbers on the sofa - we have a classic mid-century Ercol which has been reupholstered in a beautiful grey wool. Despite all my attempts to discourage Seymour from sleeping on my favourite bit of furniture i've failed. One concerned I have is that none hound owners can smell 'dog' in our home or on our furniture. The AC Upholstery spray offers a solution to this”

- Courier Magazine April 2019 Issue

‘The things Courier likes’ featuring our 500ml Cepano^ Upholstery Spray.

- Stylist Magazine November, 2018 issue 443 ‘Top gift ideas Christmas’

Red Wine Stain Remover “when Aunty Jean gets carried away with the Karaoke machine and red wine spills, be ready”

- Outdoor Wear Mag No.5, 2018

Featuring the Waterproof Shot and our non solvent Protector spray.

- British GQ, November 2018 Issue

“Attirecare is here to make looking after your shoes and clothes as enjoyable as wearing them”

- Evening Standard Magazine, November 2018

“Stain removal products that are as effective and beautiful enough to have on your bookshelf or in your handbag”