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- Courier Magazine April 2019 Issue

‘The things Courier likes’ featuring our 500ml Cepano^ Upholstery Spray.

- Stylist Magazine November, 2018 issue 443 ‘Top gift ideas Christmas’

Red Wine Stain Remover “when Aunty Jean gets carried away with the Karaoke machine and red wine spills, be ready”

- Outdoor Wear Mag No.5, 2018

Featuring the Waterproof Shot and our non solvent Protector spray.

- British GQ, November 2018 Issue

“Attirecare is here to make looking after your shoes and clothes as enjoyable as wearing them”

- Evening Standard Magazine, November 2018

“Stain removal products that are as effective and beautiful enough to have on your bookshelf or in your handbag”